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TAZA Halwa Puri
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TAZA Halwa Puri

Start your day with the traditional Pakistani breakfast of TAZA halwa puri in Mississauga. This lovely combination of sweet semolina halwa and savory chickpea curry is served with freshly made puri. Taza halwa puri features:

Semolina halwa: The halwa, infused with sweetness and a hint of cardamom, creates a warm flavor, perfect for starting your day on a sweet note.

Chickpea curry: Complementing the halwa is a chickpea curry, seasoned with aromatic spices and tomato gravy, offering a balance of both pleasing and satisfying flavors.

Fresh and fluffy puri: Complete your meal with our freshly made puri, soft and fluffy, adding the right crunch to complement the halwa and curry perfectly.

Cooking Directions:

1. Heat the halwa and chickpea curry in the oven per the package instructions.

2. Prepare the puri on a griddle or tawa

3. Serve the halwa, chickpea curry, and puri together.

Weight:900 g

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