TAZA Handmade Parathas in Canada at Taza Foods

TAZA Handmade Parathas
Frozen Flatbread

TAZA Handmade Parathas

Taza Handmade frozen parathas are flaky, flavorful flatbreads that are crafted with traditional techniques and natural ingredients, bringing back the taste of home.

Are these frozen parathas convenient?

Made with whole wheat flour for added nutrition and natural ingredients for exceptional flavor, Taza Parathas are frozen for your convenience. Simply heat them up for a delicious, traditional meal in minutes.

How to serve Taza frozen paratha?

Enjoy Taza frozen Parathas as a savory breakfast or a hearty side to your favorite curries and dals. You can even use them in wraps, quesadillas, or even pizzas.

Weight:450 g

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