TAZA Aloo Paratha Homestyle in Canada

TAZA Aloo Paratha Homestyle
Frozen Flatbread

TAZA Aloo Paratha Homestyle

Taza Aloo Paratha brings the authentic taste of homestyle cooking, as each paratha is stuffed with a flavorful blend of spiced potatoes. This beloved breakfast dish, known for its comforting and hearty qualities, offers a perfect start to your day or a satisfying meal any time.

Made with Care

• Rich Filling: The aloo filling is seasoned with a blend of spices that perfectly complements the soft, golden-brown exterior of the paratha.

• Convenient and Quick: Made for ease and convenience, Taza Aloo Paratha is ready to be heated and served, saving you time without compromising on taste.

• Versatile Enjoyment: Enjoy these parathas with yogurt, pickle, or your favorite curry for a complete meal. They're versatile enough to fit into any meal plan.

Weight:440 g

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