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Win big at your World Cup watch parties with Taza snacks!

The countdown to the Cricket World Cup is almost over, and the excitement is intense!

Whether you’re rooting for the home team or just love the electrifying atmosphere of the matches, there’s no better way to enjoy the games than with friends, family, and some delicious spread of snacks.

And Taza is here to make your watch parties exceptional with their range of mouthwatering treats.

So, gather your squad, cheer on your favorite team, and win big at your cricket world cup watch party with Taza snacks!

What does Taza bring to the plate?

Since its inception, Taza Foods has become a household name across three continents. We are committed to delivering convenience without compromising on taste. Our extensive range of products ensures that there’s something for everyone, demonstrating our love and passion for great-tasting food.

At Taza, we continually innovate to meet consumer expectations, ensuring that each product not only satisfies hunger but does so with lots of flavor.

So, this cricket world cup, let Taza handle all your snacks. 

Taza snacks for your Cricket World Cup watch parties

Bakery items

Our bakery section is packed with delicious goodies.

Check out the Taza Bakar Khani – these buttery biscuits are a go-to if you’re into something rich. And if you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve got to try our Chocolate Cookies. They’re just the right mix of chocolatey & crunchy.

We’ve also got a whole range of cookies, from our special variations to assorted everyday ones. It’s all perfect for passing around and sharing, so everyone can find their favorite snack.

Frozen favorites

Our frozen favorites are all about combining convenience with mouthwatering flavors. You can try our Meat Up range, where you’ll find beef samosas bursting with spices and tender, and juicy chicken meatballs; just the THING for a tasty munch during your gatherings.

And we haven’t forgotten our vegetarian friends; our Veg Up line features spicy Punjabi Samosas and deeply flavorful Chana Masala, both ready to heat and serve. These options are not only time-savers but also bring a traditional flavor to your snack spread. 

Sweets & desserts

No watch party is truly complete without something sweet to round things off or celebrate a win.

In our dessert lineup, you’ll find everything from the luxuriously creamy Rasmalai to the richly satisfying Kaju Katli. But why stop there?

Indulge in our velvety Gulab Jamun and the sugary, spongy Chum Chum to add a bit of traditional flair to your celebration.

We also offer a variety of convenient halwas, including the beloved Gajar Halwa and luxuriously nutty Akhrot Halwa. 

Sauces, dips & pickles

To give your snacks that extra pop of flavor, Taza’s lineup of sauces and dips is just what you need.

Our tangy Tamarind Sauce and the zesty Peri Peri Dip can turn any ordinary snack into something extraordinary. Such delicious additions are perfect for dipping your favorite treats or drizzling over dishes to spice up your hostings.

Countdown to something special…

As the cricket world cup season heats up, so does our excitement to serve you.

Taza is all set to roll out a cricket world cup special that promises to be a game-changer for your snack lineup.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Chunky Punjabi Samosas, rolling out soon in a special edition. These samosas are sure to add even more excitement and flavor to your thrilling viewing parties. 

So, what are you waiting for? Host the most memorable cricket world cup watch parties with Taza. And why not? We deliver flavors that capture the excitement of the game and the warmth of coming together with loved ones.



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