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Eid Ul Adha feasts made easy with Taza flatbreads!

Eid ul Adha brings a flurry of excitement each year. It’s a time when families come together, swapping stories, and sharing laughter over those grand meals.

As the savory scent of spiced meats fills the air, there’s always a rush in the kitchen. Everyone’s looking forward to the big feast to savor with some fluffy naan and crispy rotis.

But let’s be honest! Preparing all those breads from scratch can feel a bit overwhelming, right?

Who really has the time to knead and roll out dough for naan or roti while also managing those time-intensive dishes like nihari and goat payas?

Well, Taza is here to make your Eid Ul Adha feasts easy with the frozen flatbreads range.

We make sure you get to spend less time in the kitchen kneading rotis and more time at the dinner table with your friends & family.

Here are some must-have flatbreads for your Eid ul Adha dishes. 

Taza flatbreads for your Eid dishes

Taza tandoori naan

Our Tandoori Naan is made with fresh plain dough and baked in a traditional tandoor.

Got no time on your hands? Just pop it in the oven for a few minutes, and you’re all set. You get an irresistible smoky flavor and the perfect touch of crispness.

Just tear into it and savor with a rich curry or wrap it around some juicy BBQ meat.

And with flavors like Soy Keema, Chilli & Coriander, and Garlic, each naan brings its little twist to your Eid ul Adha table.

Taza tandoori roti

There’s nothing quite like the soft, slightly crispy texture of a well-made tandoori roti, and ours comes with a wholesome twist – made from whole wheat flour.

It’s the perfect side to your Eid ul Adha spreads, ready to mop up any gravy or curry you pair it with.

Taza kulcha naan

Our Kulcha Naan is soft, fluffy, and just waiting to be savored.

We make it with whole wheat flour and cook in a tandoor oven, bringing the authentic flavors of South Asian cuisine to your table. 

The best part? You can simply heat up these Kulcha Naans on a girdle and serve them to your guests. They give you a perfect side while serving up some classic meat curries. 

This Eid, let’s focus on what truly matters… the people around your table!

With Taza’s range of different flatbreads, there’s no mess & absolutely no stress. Just a lot of delicious moments to share. Let us handle the naans and rotis while you pour your love into those special meaty dishes that make Eid the joyful celebration that it is.

So, gather around, serve up some warmth, and see how your festive feasts bring everyone a little closer this Eid ul Adha.

Eid ul Adha Mubarak everyone!



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