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Why chai paratha is the ultimate comfort food!

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and for once, you haven’t hit snooze on your alarm. You wander into the kitchen, drawn by the thought of an easy, desi breakfast. As you put the tea on, you feel like having some crisp, freshly fried parathas. But you don’t have the time (or heart) to roll out dough from scratch. Well, guess what? You can now stock up on our Chai Parathas, all ready to hit the skillet. So grab your steaming cup of tea and a plate of crispy, golden chai parathas. Dip it into your chai for that extra burst of creamy goodness. This is exactly why chai paratha is the ultimate comfort food. Let’s see how you do it!

The origins of chai paratha

The warm and comforting combo of chai and paratha has its origins steeped in the rich heritage of South Asia. 

Parathas, the flaky and hearty flatbreads, began their journey in the Punjab region, where they were traditionally made from whole wheat and ghee. These breads quickly became a dietary staple, appreciated for their versatility and taste.

Chai, on the other hand, was introduced during the British colonial era, transformed from an elite beverage to a beloved household drink as tea plantations flourished. 

As the seasons changed and years rolled by, chai took on the comforting flavors of cardamom and ginger, becoming the ideal companion to the rich and buttery paratha. 

Together, chai and paratha became the ultimate duo, especially cherished in the mornings or as a delightful evening snack. 

Why do people love chai paratha?

What is it about this combination that captures the heart & soul?

Could it be the way the buttery, flaky parathas fall apart with each bite? Or how the bold, aromatic chai flawlessly enhances its rich flavor?

Well… it’s all these things combined!  For many, mornings just don’t feel complete without the comforting taste of chai paratha.

Now let’s talk a little more about the process. 

1. Perfecting the parathas

Begin by warming up your skillet. Place the Taza’s chai paratha homestyle on the hot skillet and gently fry each side for 1-2 minutes.

Drizzle a few tablespoons of desi ghee or oil on each side. Allow it to cook for another 2-3 minutes per side until it turns golden brown. 

2. Brewing the chai

While the paratha sizzles, start on the chai in another pot. Simmer the chai leaves with water and sugar to create a rich and fragrant blend that’s soothing to the soul. 

Pour in the milk and your favorite spices (cardamom of course), letting it all boil for a few minutes. Once done, strain this aromatic brew into your teacup.

3. Bringing It all together

Now, relish the chai alongside the hot crispy parathas.

There you have it—a perfect weekend breakfast right in the comfort of your own home. Tear off a piece of the paratha, dunk it into the chai, and let the flavors get you leisurely weekend mornings.

For an extra kick, add some tangy achaar (pickle) on the side to enhance the flavors.

Our ready-to-cook chai parathas bring the homemade taste to you without any fuss, making it possible to enjoy a traditionally slow breakfast even on your busiest days.

Here’s to delicious mornings and the lasting comfort of chai paratha!



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