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TAZA Javitri (Mace) Whole (Pouch)

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Javitri, also known as mace, is a spice made from the dried aril of the nutmeg fruit. It has a warm, nutty flavor and is often used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Javitri can be used in both sweet and savory dishes and is a popular ingredient in curries, stews, and desserts. Nutritional benefits of javitri Good source of dietary fiber, which can help to keep the digestive system healthy. Contains minerals such as copper, manganese, and magnesium. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties A traditional remedy for digestive problems Some ways to use javitri in your cooking Add a pinch of ground javitri to your favorite curry or stew recipe for an extra boost of flavor and nutrition. Sprinkle javitri over roasted vegetables or grilled meats for a delicious and unique seasoning. Add it to baked goods, such as pies, cakes, and cookies, for a warm and nutty flavor. Make a cup of javitri tea by steeping a pinch of ground javitri in hot water.

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