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New product alert! Introducing roasted chana

Looking for a snack that’s as tasty as it is nutritious? Try the latest addition to our product range… TAZA’s roasted chana! Perfectly roasted and packed with nutrition, this snack will become your go-to munch for every moment, mood, and meal.

Energize your day with roasted chana 4 ways!

When you need a quick energy boost, roasted chana is your go-to. A single serving can strengthen your body with sustainable energy due to its balance of healthy carbs and fiber. 

As for the taste, if your current options are feeling a bit ‘been there, snacked that,’ then get ready for a shake-up. TAZA’s dropping 4 new roasted chana flavors that are about to turn your snack routine on its head. The following range might become your new channa buddies!

1. Lime pudina – the fresh maker

Lime pudina is the refreshing combo of the tang of lime zest and the pudina (mint), which is just the right touch of minty freshness to keep things breezy. Perfect for when you’re chilling out or just need a tasty breather from back-to-back meetings.

2. Hing – the tradition with a twist

This one’s for the flavor adventurers. Hing (asafoetida) is that classic Indian ingredient with a pungent kick. It’s earthy, it’s unique, and it’ll give your senses something to talk about. Pair it with a cold drink, and you’ve got yourself a snack that’s hard to put down.

3. Mahabaleshwar – berry-licious

Who said berries and chana can’t go well together? This flavor is a sweet treat with a hint of Mahabaleshwar’s famous strawberries. It’s a little sweet, slightly tart, and utterly delicious. Great for when you’re craving something different but still want to keep it healthy.

4. Spicy Masala – the bold move

It’s all in the name. If you’re the kind of person who sprinkles extra chili on everything, meet your match. This Spicy Masala is a mix of hot, fiery spices that’ll challenge your spice tolerance and have you coming back for more. 

Health benefits of roasted chanas

Apart from savory munching, know that you are also giving yourself a healthy treat! So, let’s peek into the goodness of roasted chanas.

Protein-packed power punch

Roasted chanas are a rich source of proteins. It provides an ideal snack for muscle repair after a workout, and for promoting tissue strength and resilience. And because they give a satiating effect, you’re less likely to overindulge in less healthy options between meals.

A happy and healthy heart

Rich in antioxidants, they fight oxidative stress, while the fiber content helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels, making it a smart snack for heart-conscious individuals. These nutrients work in synergy to keep your blood vessels clear of blockages and your heart beat strong. 

Blood pressure down, health up

Roasted chana has potassium and magnesium, vital minerals for controlling blood pressure. Regularly incorporating these into your diet can improve cardiovascular well-being and prevent hypertension-related complications.

So, what’s it going to be? The refreshing zing of lime pudina, the distinctive taste of hing, the sweet twist of Mahabaleshwar, or the heat of spicy masala? Whatever you pick, your snacking is about to get a mega upgrade. Grab a pack, and let’s get snacking!



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