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Mississauga Halal Food Fest – June 11-12

The weekend fun continues! Here’s another exciting event lined up for the weekend! Mississauga Halal Food fest! Qawwal brothers, Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad are gearing up for a LIVE performance at Celebration Square, Mississauga on Saturday, 11th June 2022. They have been credited with renewing the classical tradition among the youth and offering divine knowledge to the mainstream public through soul-stirring lyrics. There’s lots to look forward to at the Mississauga Halal Food Fest! Food stalls, fresh mangos, kids activities, shopping,etc. Sponsored by TAZA foods, the event offers FREE admission and FREE parking for everyone; we are committed to the principles of the Qawwali and to the preservation of this beautiful tradition.


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TAZA foods recognizes the growing demand of halal, ready-to-cook meals within the rapidly growing South Asian communities of Ontario, Canada. We aim to provide healthy, nutritious Pakistani and Indian cuisines ranging from frozen meals and snacks to bakery items. Recently, we’ve expanded our product range to include ready-to-cook meat-free meals to satiate the palette of our vegetarian friends. Our universally loved frozen parathas complement our other products to give you a taste of home. 

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Our newest, and perhaps most exciting product yet, is our Cup A Bhel (Bhel Puri) inspired by cup ramen (instant noodles). Craving the exotic flavors of Indian street food? We’ve got you covered! With just a few minutes of work, you now have a delicious cup of crispy puffed rice tossed in sweet and spicy chutneys! 

To deliver optimal freshness, we make sure to use air tight and vacuum sealed packaging and clearly label each product with the date it expires. Our production facilities and manufacturing processes are designed to provide quality and affordability. We keep customer trust and acceptance at the forefront of our production process.  



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