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The untold samosa story!

Let's talk samosas – those little triangles of flavor that have somehow found a way to be the highlight of every snack platter. Whether it's a rainy day, a casual get-together, or just one of those times when only something crunchy and savory will do, samosas are the go-to.

But have you ever wondered how these snacks became such a big deal? So, let’s dive in and get to know our favorite snack a bit better.

A brief history of samosas

Believe it or not, samosas didn't start in India. They made a long journey from Central Asia before becoming the star of Indian snack time. It's like they were the original travelers, moving through trade routes, picking up different names and fillings along the way – from "sanbosag" in Persia to "sambusa" in the Middle East, and finally "samosa" in India. Each place they visited, they changed a bit, adapting to local tastes. That's probably why we love them so much; there's a version for everyone.

Samosas around the world

Apart from India or Central Asia; samosas have fans all over the globe. Globally, they're a big deal during festive seasons like Ramadan. Head over to Portugal or Brazil, and you'll find a version called "pastéis." In short, the versatility of samosas is endless – spicy meat fillings, tangy potato, and pea mixtures… There's a samosa for every taste.

Convenience in a box

Now, let's get real. We all love samosas, but making them from scratch? That's a task not everyone's up for, especially when life's running at full speed. Introducing our frozen samosas – a modern solution for satisfying those sudden cravings without spending hours slaving over the kitchen stove. They're pre-made, frozen, and ready to cook. Just heat ‘em & eat ‘em!

Well, Taza has taken the frozen samosa game up a notch. With our Meat Up and Veg Up range that caters to the preferences of meat lovers and vegetarians alike, we've made sure no one misses out. So, let's break down what they offer:

Meat Up beef samosas

For those who crave a meaty bite, Taza Meat Up beef samosas are a perfect pick. Packed with minced beef, onions, and a blend of spices like cumin and coriander, these samosas deliver a savory punch.

They're ideal for meat lovers looking for a quick snack or a hearty appetizer. Serve them up with a side of mint chutney or a cool yogurt dip to balance the spices.

Meat Up chicken samosas

The Meat Up chicken samosas are a savory mix of seasoned chicken, fresh veggies, and aromatic spices, all wrapped in a crispy pastry. These samosas are filled with authentic flavors, making them a hit for those who enjoy a good chicken filling.

Pair them with tamarind chutney for a sweet and tangy flavor contrast.

Punjabi samosas

Taza Punjabi Samosas are a vegetarian special, featuring a spicy mix of potatoes and peas encased in a thin, crispy dough.

They bring you the taste of traditional Punjabi samosas, with their rich flavors and satisfying crunch. Dip them in mint or tamarind chutney to further enhance the flavors.

Chatpatta samosas

For those who prefer a tangy kick, the Taza chatpata samosas are filled with a zesty potato and pea mixture, and seasoned with special masalas that give a spicy and tangy flavor profile.

Chatpatta samosas are a flavor bomb for snackers looking to spice up their lives.

The unique blend of spices makes them stand out, and they pair wonderfully with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

What’s on the side?

What’s a samosa without a dip? The classic mint chutney, tangy tamarind, or a simple yogurt dip? Well, having the right sidekick makes all the difference! Taza samosas are made to be dunked, so don’t hold back. Also in today’s world, where every minute counts, frozen samosas are nothing short of a blessing. No more kneading dough or preparing fillings. Just heat them, and you’re good to go.

And Taza doesn’t just stop at samosas. Our range of frozen products, including parathas, is about making sure that traditional flavors are always within reach. Taza Products ensures that no matter how busy life gets, we can always enjoy our favorite snacks without a hitch. Whether it's a quick snack, a party starter, or just a moment of craving, samosas have got you covered. Let's keep the tradition going, and crispy savory samosas too!

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